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Confection Confession:

I don’t have a cake business website! It is my first year of business and thinking of getting one. I have only been using Facebook and Instagram to promote myself, and don’t know where to start, or how to make one.

Congratulations on embracing social media in your cake business!

First of all, congratulations on starting your business and embracing social media as a way to promote your company! Almost everyone has a social media account so it is good that you are present where your clients are spending their time.

However, being present on social media is only one element to marketing your business. Social media should supplement, not replace your website and it’s important to get one setup for your cake business as soon as you can.

“Social media should supplement, not replace, your cake business website.”

Sweet Success Magazine

Your digital headquarters for your cake business

Just as you would have a physical bakery presence (although not a requirement with home-based bakeries), a website is a representation of your digital bakery presence. It’s your small corner of the web that educates, informs, and serves as the digital headquarters to your cake business or baking business. And should anything happen to social media, your clients will still be able to find you.

Your website is established according to your business rules. With social media, you are playing by their (the platform you are on such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) rules, and each platform has a different set of rules of engagement. If your business is on multiple platforms, you’re managing those rules and expectations–of each platform–just to keep your business afloat. It is very complicated.

This is not to say social media isn’t important, because it is extremely important for business, and it’s free, unless you pay for advertising. Social media is an essential component to marketing your cake business and should not be discounted by any means. It’s good that you have established your presence.

The best use of social media is to connect, engage, educate, and inform your clients so they will want to request more information from you by either:

  1. Going to your website, or
  2. Contacting you directly.

In the baking business industry, especially if you are a wedding cake business or specialty/party cake business, clients want to discuss, see, and taste before they commit to an order. Wedding cakes are typically large purchases so you won’t see many direct purchases through social media. With that being said, your website–the digital hub of your business–is the foundation which supports all other activity surrounding your business.

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Why you need a cake business website

Here are a few, of the many, reasons why you need to implement a website for your cake or baking business. Your website:

  • Represents your brand, style, and how you want clients to perceive you. The colors, fonts, images, layout, and design all represent who you are and what your company represents to a client. Not having a website means you don’t really exist as a business, you’re a hobbyist.
  • Supports your customer service and communication efforts such as email, blogging, and newsletters.
  • Supports your social media and gives people a place to go for more information, especially if you capture client information through a signup form.
  • Is 100% yours. Your site, your content, your rules.
  • Supports all marketing, advertising, and promotion efforts such as open houses, bridal shows, and online directories like The Knot or Wedding Wire. If you don’t capture client information through these outlets, then you need to capture their information through the website.
  • Supports your search engine rankings. The content you post on your blog consists of keywords that search engines use to rank your site.
    • This is what gets you found on search engines like Google, Bing, and Pinterest. When a potential client searches on Google, those keywords are matched up and your site shows up.
    • Your content from social media may or may not be be found, as it all depends on the keywords and phrases you used and what was searched. If the social media accounts are not connected to your website, you could get lost in the crowd. Now this is a simplified explanation of SEO, but it is the general idea on how it works.
  • Serves as your official portfolio of work. Your website represents your style and brand just as much, if not, more so, than the actual cakes, cookies, and other desserts that you create.

Transform from cake hobby to full cake business

Are you convinced yet as to why you should to implement a website for your business? You can get by with only having a social media presence. However, a website helps you to establish yourself and truly make the transformation from hobbyist to full cake or baking business.

What are your thoughts? Tell us other reasons and benefits to having your own cake business website in the comments below. How has your website helped you?

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