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Sweet Success Magazine is one of the first independent digital media sites dedicated to the small business owner working in the cake and baking industries. Sweet Success Magazine caters to those enthusiasts who are interested in learning how to market, promote, and grow their cake or baking business.

Sweet Success Magazine features business education, tools, and resources that take the fundamentals of business administration, and applies them to the small business owner. We focus on tips, strategies, and helpful advice that bakers can use to launch and grow and manage their companies successfully. We’re always looking for people with practical ideas or tips that other cake and baking businesses can immediately put to use.

Our Readers

Our readers are hobbyists, home-based bakers, food truck vendors, caterers, wedding cake designers, cookie decorators, cupcake and cake pop wizards, and pastry professionals all over the world. They are seeking affordable, helpful education, that is available 24/7, and provides them with practical and useful business education that they can apply to their own company immediately.

How to Contribute

We are looking for contributors who have at least 5-10 years in a baking or cake business who can offer valuable tips and lessons to the cake and baking enthusiast.  We are looking for close who can write in a friendly, conversational tone and offer our readers industry-specific expertise. Prospective contributors should familiarize themselves with Sweet Success Magazine and our social media channels before submitting articles. We are looking for specific, relevant, actionable advice that bakers can use to help to improve their companies.

Submission Standards

Please submit original content ideas only and one writing sample. Sweet Success Magazine retains first publication rights and the right to reuse, modify, or edit content. Content can be featured on your blog first, although we ask that you tailor it or update it to fit our audience.

As a guest contributor, content submissions are unpaid. Featured guest contributors, writers, and experts will benefit from attribution, maximized exposure to our global readership, and a backlink to their own site. You will also benefit from being featured on our podcast as a guest expert, YouTube channel as a guest expert, events and webinars (based on availability), and any other digital media or social content that we produce. Guest contributors will also have the opportunity to promote their products and services to our audience, through the channels specified above.

Contributors and experts will also have the opportunity to promote their business-building products and services to our audience through the use of links, newsletters, podcasts, YouTube, and social media. Additional details are provided in our contributor agreement, which is provided prior to any contributor content being used on our site.

All submissions should be:

  • Submitted in their entirety; between 500 and 1,000 words
  • Evergreen; posts that won’t become outdated
  • Unique, creative, timely, and relevant
  • Include high-res images that you have the exclusive right to share and use. We will provide images if you do not include them in your contribution.
  • Narrative-like, news, business tutorials, tips or opinion
  • Correct in spelling and grammar
  • Sourced (e.g. quotations, statistics, references, links)

We reserve the right to edit or modify any accepted contributions to fit the style and tone of our publication. If you’re interested in contributing to Sweet Success Magazine—we’d love to hear from you. We’re always looking for experienced professionals to share their insights, skills, knowledge and baking business expertise with our readers.

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