Cake pops, cake balls, or cake truffles,  are small, bite-sized treats that have made a name for themselves amongst brides, party planners, and guests. They are cute, trendy, colorful, and delicious bite-sized treats. However, despite what the general population might think because of their miniature size, they are not exactly cheap. If you have ever tried to make one of these miniature treats, you know they are time-consuming to create. When it comes to establishing business pricing for cake pops, the same strategies and techniques that you would use to price cakes, cupcakes, and cookies apply–time, materials, supplies, expenses, and labor.   Tips for Pricing Cake Pops Correctly In order to make them a worthwhile product to add to your menu, we have compiled the following tips in order to create your guide to pricing cake pops. List out your supplies. Like all of your other products, you will need to know all of the supplies that go into create an order of cake pops. This includes the cake–and all of the ingredients that go into making the cake, chocolate melts, sprinkles, flavorings, etc. List out remaining materials. This includes display trays, plastic bags, ribbon, packing boxes, cake pop roller,...
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