Charge for Cake Tastings to Not? One of the most common struggles cake business owners face is whether or not they should charge for tastings. As a cake business owner, this is one thing that I have struggled with over the years and I have gone between charging and not charging,and back again, for various reasons. This is the business of baking and you will find there is no one perfect solution. Charging for cake tastings is something that you will need to experiment with so you can find out which method works best for you and your business. Below you will find three common options when managing cake tastings for your business. Charging for Cake Tastings Option A – Charging for a cake consultation and tasting. This scenario works well because you are compensating for the cost, time, and effort you are putting into preparing for the tasting. Free Cake Tastings are not Always the Better Option Option B – Not charging for the tasting. This method will keep your calendar booked because who doesn’t love free cake?! The problem with offering free consultations is that you will see many people that are just going around the cake circuit...
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